Foot Care Services

Services Include:

  • Nail care and trimming
  • Calluses
  • Corn Treatment
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Fungal Nails
  • Thick Nails
  • Care and monitoring of diabetic feet
  • First Visit $35
  • Subsequent Visits

    1 Hour $35
  • Half Hour $25
  • Ingrown Toenail Brace
    A fiberglass enhanced Duroplast brace is applied to the nail to change the shape of the abnormally curved nail back to its original, natural shape.

    Look at your feet daily. Place a mirror on the floor so you can see the bottom of them.

    Wash your feet daily and put on fresh clean socks or stockings.

    Dry your feet carefully especially between the toes.

    Treat your feet with hydrating creams and lotions.

    File your nails straight across and avoid clipping the edges on an angle.

    Do not use hot water bottles or other heating devices.

    Never walk barefoot or just in socks. Always wear shoes or slippers indoors with hard soles to prevent injury to your feet.

    Wear socks made of cotton without a seam or tight rubber elastic.

    Use good and properly fitting shoes.

    Seek immediate medical attention upon first indication of foot or nail mycosis or minor wounds.


    People with diabetes often have altered sensation in their feet. A decrease in ability to feel hot, cold or any pain sensations can result in an injury and a delay in getting care. An injury can lead to foot ulcers that can become infected. Complications of foot injuries can lead to amputation. Maintaining healthy feet and a regular foot care plan can help prevent injury and keep your feet healthy.


    When nails have become too thick or hard for you to cut.

    When your vision has changed and cutting your nails is difficult.

    When your flexibility has changed due to arthritis or injuries and bending is difficult.

    When bending causes dizziness and you cannot cut your own nails.

    When there are corns and calluses and your feet are sore and have a burning sensation.

    When your feet are sore or painful when walking.

    When there is thickening, deformity or discolouration of the nails due to injury or fungal conditions.

    When you are diabetic or have circulation problems with loss of sensation.

    When recovering from surgery and bending is limited.


    Spas/salons that don’t practice safe waxing could have you walking away with more than an uneven bikini line you could also get infection or disease.

    Things to look for before getting waxed.

    Does your salon/spa ask you to fill out a questionnaire before your first visit?  Certain allergies, health conditions or medications make you a less than desirable wax candidate.

    Paper should be placed down for any body hair removal.  It’s more hygienic.

    Is the wax area clean?  Are things a mess?  If they aren’t keeping the area clean then they probably aren’t following sanitization measures either.

    Does the technician wear gloves?  Small amounts of blood can result from waxing.  Gloves should be worn to protect both you and the technician.

    Are they double dipping the waxing stick?  Once a stick has been placed into the wax and touched your skin it needs to be thrown away to avoid cross contamination and infecting a client.

    Are tweezers being put back into a cabinet or drawer after they’ve used them on you?  Tweezers need to be sanitized after each client to prevent cross contamination.


    Questions to ask yourself and the staff BEFORE GETTING A PEDICURE.

    Is the pedicure area, salon or spa clean?

    Does your pedicurist/spa ask you any relevant health questions and examine your feet BEFORE clearing you for a pedicure?

    Is your pedicurist certified to perform services? Or have they just been taught how to perform a pedicure?

    Are the implements clean?

    Are all supplies that cannot be disinfected thrown out after your service?

    Ask the staff how they clean their implements and foot spas. If they cannot answer that chances are they are not doing it.

    Is your pedicurist using the proper implements and tools on you? Diabetics require special attention due to their high risk of infection. Things such as credo blades should NEVER be used on diabetic feet.

Other Esthetic Services

Hands and feet:

  • Express Manicure


    Warm soak, nail trim, cuticle nourishment, relaxing hand massage followed by a polish application

  • Express Pedicure


    Warm soak, nail trim, cuticle nourishment, callus abrasion, relaxing massage followed by a polish application

  • Spa Pedicure Plus


    All the benefits of the express pedicure PLUS an exfoliation treatment, nourishing mask and a warm paraffin treatment

  • Basic Clip and File


    Polish Change


Waxing Services List:

  • Eyebrow Maintenance

  • Eyebrow Design

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Jaw Line

  • Full Face

  • Bikini Line

  • Under Arms

  • Full Leg and Bikini

  • Full Leg

  • Half Leg

  • Full Back

  • Full Chest

  • Full Arm

  • Half Arm